Chef Ferenc Kövér philosophy

”I consider the reformation of the Hungarian gastronomy for one of my tasks, because of this I took the honorific proposition, when Múzeum Café and Restaurant entrusted me with the leadership of its kitchen. Here, I have the oppotunity to prepare legatee, bourgeois Hungarian cuisine foods with the most modern technology. Thanking to this, the stocks preserve their original flavours without derogation and always freshly prepared meales are served to the guests. My purpose is to prepare domesticated, tasty courses. My constantly developed knowledge and professional experiences are helping in this.”

Phone/Fax: +36-1-267-0375, +36-1-338-4221
Manager: Zoltán Budai
Chef: Ferenc Kövér
Open: Mo-Sat 18.00-24.00
Sunday and Public Holiday Closed.