St. Martin’s Goose days 06.11.2017. - 18.11.2017.

Cold goose sampler:

Stuffed goose neck with spicy paprika jam, smoked goose breast with

quince jelly, goose  cracklings with vegetables 

2950 HUF

Goose soup with its gizzard and neck 

1450 HUF

Goose leg with garlic and giblets of goose with its gizzard

4150 HUF

Supreme of goose with porcini in paprika sauce served with countryside dumplings

 4150 HUF

Goose leg baked in oven served with prunes filled apple and potatoes fried in goose grease

4150 HUF

Goose liver breaded with Panko crumbs served with walnut-quince puree and potato cream

5950 HUF

Hungarian chocolate cake in cup with Amarena sour cherry

1350 HUF

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